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The Ph.D. program in the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (CMEE) was established in August 2001. After the establishment of Ph.D. programs in the Department of Energy and Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Engineering and Graduate Institute of Manufacturing Technology, our Ph.D. program in CMEE has focused on three main disciplines:

Mechatronic Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Automation Technology

Educational Goals

  • Cultivation of innovative research and development capabilities.
  • Cultivation of industrial application capabilities.
  • Cultivation of international communication capabilities.

 Core capabilities for Students

  • Fundamental science research capabilities in the field of electromechanical technology.
  • Industrial practice innovation research and development capabilities in the field of electromechanical technology.
  • The ability of research planning and communication.
  • Innovative intellectual property and management practices.
  • International communication, team communication and coordination, and the ability to comply with engineering ethics.