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ICCE Granada, Spain


ICCE-27 July 14-20, 2019 in Granada, Spain

27th International Conference on Composites or Nano Engineering, CALL FOR PAPERS,


Stunning view of Alhambra Palace and Gardens, Granada, Spain (this is reduce filesize version, the actual version is much sharper and clearer)  


ICCE-27 July 14-20, 2019 in Granada, Spain



co-sponsored by DeGruyter , University of Granada and AMAC, the French Society for Composites Materials


re: CALL FOR PAPERS: all aspects of

Nanotechnology or Composites or Metals or Concrete Technology


                                                                                                            Sunday, March 31, 2019


Dear  f10381@ntut.edu.tw


In view of your high reputation in science and engineering of materials and structures, as educator and researcher, you are invited to present a paper at the 27th annual International Conference on Composites or Nano Engineering, ICCE-27 July 14-20, 2019 in Granada, Spain.  Students especially welcomed.


ALL areas of Nano chemistry, Nano Physics, Nano biology, Nano materials, and all areas of Composites Materials or all areas of Engineering Science and Mechanics are welcomed.


Interested authors should email me the tentative paper title immediately.  The conference requires detailed two-page short paper, each page two-columns with graphs, as soon as possible, before May 1, 2019, if you need more time, this is usually permitted. The ICCE Conference does not require full-length paper.


In case you need entry visa to enter Spain, and if your paper is accepted for oral presentation, we will provide speedy signed acceptance letter for your travel applications. Check whether you need entry visa for short term (one week or so) stay in Spain, sometimes, short stay does not need entry visa.


If feasible, please email me your curriculum vita, so I can look for common interest topics for possible research interactions. We will have post conference tours at University a Coruna, Spain.



David Hui

Co-Chair of Scientific Committee of ICCE-26 Paris, France

Founder and Editor in chief Nanotechnology Reviews journal (this SCI-rated journal publishes non-review papers)


Hui’s Paper =404, h=48, citations over 10900 from   www.scopus.com

Hui’s expertise: Nano Research, Composites Research, Engineering Mechanics





Participants are welcomed to expand the two-pager to full-length paper and then submit to any of the following SCI-rated journals, higher impact factor, generally probably means, higher rejection rates, lower impact factor, generally probably means, lower rejection rates

(alphabetical order)


1. Applied Composite Materials                                                I.F. = 1.333

2. Composites part B: Engineering  journal                                 I.F. = 4.9

3. FAMENA journal                                                                 I.F. = 0.66

4. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences                          I.F. = 3.570

5. International Journal of Nanotechnology                                I.F. = 0.512

6  Journal of Environmental Research                                        I.F. = 4.732

7. Journal of Mining and Metallurgy: section B-Metallurgy         I.F. = 0.548

8 .Technical Gazette                                                                  I.F. = 0.686

9. Textile Research Journal                                                        I.F. = 1.332



Participants are welcomed to submit papers to the co-sponsor SCI-rated journals, published by Degruyter,



https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/ntrev     open access 1000 euro     I.F.=1.904 (as of Dec 31, 2018, I.F.= 2.4, rising),  this journal has published more regular papers than review papers, editor in chief, David Hui


I.F.=1.904                    I.F.= 2.172                   I.F.=0.433                    I.F.=0.619