IEEE ECBIOS 2019 Call for paper(EI, and 10 different SCI, SSCI Summission)

2019 IEEE Eurasia Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Healthcare and Sustainability

2019 IEEE ECBIOS Call for paper
Okinawa, Japan, May 31 – June 3, 2019
Organized by:

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Japan
International Institute of Knowledge Innovation and Invention (IIKII)

Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, Taiwan 

2019 IEEE Eurasia Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Healthcare and Sustainability (ECBIOS2019) will be held in Okinawa, Japan on May 31 ~ June 3, 2019, and it will provide a unified communication platform for researchers in the topics of Biomedical Engineering, Healthcare and Sustainability. Recently, Healthcare is undergoing a sector-wide transformation thanks to advances in computing, networking technologies, big data and artificial intelligence. Healthcare is not only changing from reactive and hospital-centered to preventive and personalized, but is also changing from disease focused to well-being centered. Healthcare systems, as well as fundamental medicine research, are becoming smarter and enabled in Biomedical Engineering. Furthermore, with cutting edge sensors and computer technologies, healthcare delivery could also yield better efficiency, higher quality and lower cost. Professional practice in the fields of Biomedical Engineering, Healthcare and Sustainability are welcome to participate in IEEE ECBIOS 2019. This conference enables interdisciplinary collaboration of science and engineering technologists in the academic and industrial fields, as well as networking internationally. During the conference, there will be substantial time for presentation and discussion. Attendants will find various activities useful in bringing together a diverse group of engineers and technologists across the disciplines for the generation of new ideas, collaboration potential and business opportunities. 

2019IEEE歐亞生物醫學工程、醫療保健及永續發展會議(IEEEECBIOS 2019)將於2019531日至63日在日本沖繩舉行,它將為生物醫學工程,醫療保健及永續發展領域的研究人員提供統一的交流平臺。近年來,由於計算、網絡技術、大數據和人工智慧的進步,醫療保健正在進行全面的轉型。醫療保健不僅從被動,並以醫院為中心型態轉變為預防性和個性化,而且還從以疾病為中心轉變為以福祉為中心。醫療保健系統以及基礎醫學研究逐漸變得更加智慧,並在生物醫學工程中得以實現。歡迎生物醫學工程,醫療保健及永續發展領域的專業實踐,參加IEEE ECBIOS 2019所有被接受的論文將在IEEE ECBIOS 2019論文集出版並被IEEE Xplore® EI索引。優秀的論文可被推薦轉投到10種不同的SCISSCI期刊上發表,需要經過三位元外審委員審查及繳交額外的出版費用。大會鼓勵投稿學者申請自組invited session發表論文,每個invited session至少需5篇論文,由提出申請的學者擔任session chair,並餐與論文的推薦期刊審查。 

All accepted papers will be submitted in the proceedings of ECBIOS 2019 (IEEE Xplore®, indexing by EI). Excellent papers selected from IEEE ECBIOS2019 will be recommended to be published on suitable 10 different SSCI or SCI journals after an additional review process and may need extra publication charge: 

(1) International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
    (SCI and SSCI; ISSN 1660-4601; IF: 2.145)
(2) Sustainability (SCI and SSCI; ISSN 2071-1050; IF: 2.075)
(3) Journal of Clinical Medicine (SCI; ISSN 2077-0383; IF: 5.583)
(4) Materials (SCI; ISSN 1996-1944; IF: 2.467)
(5) Sensors (SCI; ISSN 1424-8220; IF: 2.475)
(6) Applied Sciences  (SCI; ISSN 2076-3417; IF: 1.689)
(7) Electronics (SCI: ISSN: 2079-9292​; IF: 2.110)
(8) Iranian Journal of Public Health 
     (SSCI and SCI, ISSN: 2251-6085; IF: 1.053)
(9) Microelectronics Reliability (SCI; ISSN: 0026-2714; IF: 1.236)
(10) Microsystem Technologies (SCI; ISSN: 1432-1858; IF: 1.581)


Submission of Abstract Due: January 31, 2019
Acceptance of Abstract: February 15, 2019
Early Registration Due: March 15, 2019
Submission of Full Papers Due: April 30, 2019
Conference: May 31- June 3, 2019